Is Binary Option Robot amazing trading tool or a just quick way to harm your business?

Binary Options trading became one of the most popular ways for earning money online over the last few years. First, people were trading in a conventional way by creating and applying trading strategies manually, using only signal generating software. When the first Binary Option Robot appeared on the market back in 2014. Many people without previous experience in trading on the stock got interested in trying it out. The mere idea and concept of the program capable of calculating complex methods and placing trades on behalf of you got many people thinking that Binary Option Robot are synonyms for click away from huge money.

Trading-stock-marketsNo question there are many amazing advantages when using these software for trading, but there are also some potential risks and downsides you should keep in mind. If you are aware of these aspects, you will find a way to prevents them and all the benefits will dominate at that point. Also, advertisements sound slightly unrealistic, causing many people to be a skeptic and suspicious about the true story behind the Binary Option Robot. The truth is that all the claims in advertisements have their explanation, none of that happens due to magic or pure luck.

To help you create a realistic impression and adequate expectation from Binary Option Robot, as well as to point out some of the pros and cons and typical mistakes when using this program, we got a little deeper into details here.

Certainly the greatest advantage when using Binary Option Robot is the fact that this kind of trading is simple, and you don’t have to robot-binary-3possess previous experience or knowledge. The software uses high-performance mathematical algorithms and complex calculations to follow changes on the market, analyze and estimates real values of every opportunity and places transaction on its own instantly when a positive signal is detected. Not only that it doesn’t require your expert’s help, but you don’t even have to be around while the software is trading.

The relative downside is that it’s always better and safer if you do understand the basic process going on and keep the finger on the pulse of the market you are following. This will enable you to take a certain level of control if you want to.


That’s another good thing about Binary Option Robot. It offers a wide collection of functions and features you can adjust according to your personal wishes, needs and strategies. You can invest a significant amount of money, but you don’t have to. The software enables you to limit the total amount of money invested per trade, a maximum number of trades per day and the most important – daily loses limit. This great feature protects you from running into some catastrophic risks and loses.

The risky aspects of Binary Option Robot trading are associated broker companies. So far, the software has been working with trusted and reputable brokers, but it is always a smart thing to keep an eye on your chosen broker’s actions. Fortunately, the program has integrated the options for reviewing history and the list of all previously executed actions and transactions, so you can check up and compare anytime you want to.

Understanding the trading process behind the Binary Option Robot

Expansion of binary options trading on the market increased the number of new traders per year, but it wasn’t until the development of automated software for binary option trading when dozens of inexperienced enthusiasts chasing profit entered the world of stock trading. Nowadays, rarely any new trader places tradings manually.

robot-trading-300x225Binary Option Robots are advertised and presented as an artificial intelligence clever enough and equipped with complex mathematical methods all designed to increase your profit. Advertisements are traditionally backed up with the promotion of easy money and minimum effort, quite often neglecting the risks and troubling aspects. There are no doubts that Binary Option Robots are the best way to profit from a business on the market, but it is necessary to understand at least the basic idea of how the system works.

The market is constantly changing, trends and fluctuations are on daily bases, sometimes even in few minutes. Fields of interest for investments are grouped into major thematic spheres, and the first step is to pick the assets you are interested in investing into. Right after that, you start following various signals for potentially winning positions generated by signal providers. If trading manually, when the signal is detected, you need to create and apply the trading strategy and decide if you will call or put the option. Broker Company executes the transactions after that.

chart-24optionBinary Option Robots have made this whole process automated. The first Binary Option Robot was designed several years ago. The group of economists, experienced market traders, mathematicians and software engineers analyzed historical data from market and created complex algorithms for generating trading strategies. The software work as the web based applications associated with a list of licensed and trusted broker companies, and it functions as a signal generator and an independent trader at the same time. Auto trading is optional. Once the software detects the signal, you can place trades manually according to your previously created strategy or you can set the program to auto trade command at the beginning of the process, and it will execute transactions on its own.

cropped-headerOr you can apply some half way approach. You don’t have to do the whole bunch of calculations and posses the knowledge and experience for creating supreme strategies, but you also don’t have to leave it all completely to the software. The program allows you to adjust settings and give directives to the software. The user chooses brokers to work with; the user chooses a maximum number of trades per day, the total amount of trade, limitations for loses and many other parameters.

Currently, there are many versions of Binary Option Robot software. Some of them generate several signals per day; some generate the same number of signals per week. Some offer you pre-built strategies to choose from; some are designed not to allow the user to interfere with applied strategies. Interfaces are pretty similar; updates are regular, and most of these programs keep expanding the collection of adjustable parameters they offer.

The more you understand the process and the meaning of every adjusted parameter, the better chances you have to profit significantly.


Binary Option Robot – Will you discover scam if you look deeper

Binary Option Robot is relatively new software designed for automated binary option trading on the market. So far, it has become widely popular among market traders, but it has also brought up many controversial discussions online. There are thousands of fans advertising it as a great way to increase your profit with the fairly small amount of money and effort invested. Opposed to these overviews, many are claiming scam behind the whole story and hidden risks no one talk about.

So, let’s go deeper into the details and see how the things are.

Robot1To put it a few simple words, Binary Option Robot is software designed to trade on the stock on behalf of you. It is an automated pre-built application made by engineers that work both, as a signal generator and independent market trader. Based upon complex calculations and mathematical systems and methods, it constantly analyzes trends on the market, catches attractive opportunities, estimated their values and lucrative potential and executes investments instantly. The high performance of this artificial intelligence makes it capable to multitask, following several signal sources and market platforms at the same time, placing trades on the account of currently profiting broker and reversing signals from currently losing broker.

When all of these properties are taken into account, it is not surprising, nor suspicious that success rates of this program score around 80%. Obviously, it is not flawless, there are some loses, but if the success rate was claimed to be 100%, that should raise client’s doubts.

binaryheader21Another thing often worrying traders is the list of brokers associated with Binary Option Robot. The truth is that there are many controversial companies out there, even false brokers, but all the brokers involved with this software are trusted and reputable companies highly rated by clients. Most of these companies offer solid returns and require reasonable deposits when signing up.

binary option trading platform 1Another aspect that pops up in various debates is the quality of software and appearance of dozens false versions of it. This is also the real danger, but if you get you version of Binary Option Robot on this website, you don’t have to worry about the quality of application you are using. In fact, you don’t even have to download it. The same website offers you to simply create an online account, choose your desired broker or more than one of them, make your starting deposit and start trading. The whole procedure requires few simple steps.

The list of brokers companies will offer you various options, but majority of traders suggests that picking more than one is the smartest approach. This way you get to review the various strategies of all of them and stick to those that work for you.

Finally, many are worried about losing control and handing their real money and investments “into the hands” of some software. Well, simple explanation: that software can calculate more accurately and perform actions faster than any trader ever will, plus it will never fail to profit due to fear of risk or wrong assumptions based on emotional bias.


Binary Option Robot system clearly explained

There are many advertisements and tempting announcements on the internet offering you easy money and a quick way of earning. Usually with just a slight effort and minimal amount of actual work. These offers can be found in every industry and sphere, but one particularly popular lately is earning money online through trading on the market. You can read more about this on


This field also includes various ways of profiting, but one of the most attractive with the highest rates of success is binary option trading via specialized software. The term itself suggests the nature of this business. In an average scenario, there are usually two possible outcomes, profiting significantly or getting yourself in trouble by losing a lot.

shutterstock_97670996The whole process of binary options trading could be simplified to several steps. First, you have to choose the field of your interest. Pick assets you’d like to invest your money into. Next phase is following binary option signals and interpreting them correctly. There are software working as signal generators, and their function is to notify you whenever some potentially winning position shows up. This is the part where your knowledge, experience, skills and guts should do their best. This is where you need to construct a solid strategy based on estimation whether the cost of asset is going to fall or rise and to do one of two possible moves – to call option or to put option. The calling option is your claiming that the cost will rise while putting option is you predicting fall of the cost. If you are right, money goes to your pocket.

The tricky part is that effective and skilled strategy requires a certain level of knowledge and experience, and even great professionals and experts fail sometimes.

Things have changed drastically over the last few years due to the emerging of auto trading software. Binary optionAbS8ad2 trading is now available for every person interested in increasing his profit in an easy way. Binary Option Robot, as the most popular of these software, is an automated application designed to act as a signal generator and to place trades on behalf of a user. Capacity to use highly complex and precise statistical and mathematical algorithms to create supreme trading strategies and predictions of market fluctuations make it perfectly capable of trading on the stock as any human market expert. Binary Option Robot explores the market continuously, catches every winning position and instantly sends a signal to linked broker and executes the transaction. This whole process happens faster than an average user can do manually. Methods used by software are extremely precise leading to success rates around 80%.

And you don’t even have to be around. You can adjust series of various parameters, such as amounts of money and the number of trades per day you permit your Binary Option Robot to conduct during the day and leave the rest to the program.

The software will handle your money accompanied with one or few broker companies you have chosen from a given list. The broker companies currently working with Binary Option Robot are all licensed and trusted brokers, so do some solid research, learn some basic theory, rules, and option, get your free version of Binary Option Robot and start profiting.


What is so cool about binary option trading?

If you are considering getting involved with market trading and investing your money into the stock, there are many ways you can do that. Over the past few years, one of the most popular ways is binary options trading which allows you to earn money online. You can still stick to the conventional way of trading by following changes closely on the market and constructing your personal strategies for investment, but binary options trading offers easier and more effective approach.

cropped-candele-trading-forex-headerSo, what is so cool about binary options trading?

First of all, it’s rather simple. It might be risky, but there are only two possible scenarios. Either you will get the return on your investment and earn serious money quite quickly, or you will lose. Fortunately, your failure will not be dramatic, since the software usually allow you to protect your finances by limiting possible loses and risk levels.

Also, the majority of software for binary options trading don’t require some significant deposit at the beginning. You can submit a relatively small budget and still get to trade with the equal right as those investing big money. There are some broker companies requiring only 5 dollars for the start.

This is a pretty low cost for all the possibilities you get once you enter the market.

img143006The particularly attractive way of binary options trading is by doing it via Binary Option Robots. These sophisticated software analyze the market continuously, catch every positive signal and opportunity and execute transaction instantly. Not only the programs are fast, effective and capable of multitasking, but they enable you to trade successfully without even having previous experience or a certain level of knowledge about stock trading. The software can work independently without your help or instructions leaning only on the broker company you have chosen from the given list.

If you are afraid of handing full control over your money to these artificial intelligence, the program allows you to interfere and control many different parameters. You can influence the work of the software by limiting amounts of money, the number of trades, risk levels or permitted amounts of loses.

You can also choose more than one source of signals, as well as more than one broker company. This is quite a handy option allowing you to observe the process and decide to reverse the signals coming from broker company that runs low at the moment and stick to the signals coming from broker company which is winning at the moment.

binary_optionsThe most important advice when considering binary option trading is to stick to legit broker companies. Most Binary Option Robots have a solid collection of brokers the software works with and usually all of these companies are trusted, professional and licensed. Nevertheless, to be completely sure, go with the most popular and reputable ones, at least until you get the impression on how the system truly works.

One of the slight downsides of these programs is that there is no demo version or ways for you to test your trading skills before entering the real game. But the software is available as a free downloadable version or as an online account on many websites, and since the required deposit is pretty affordable, you should probably just be brave enough and get straight to the point.